The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

While it feels fast paced to the point of frenzy at times, the film is consistently funny throughout, with great vocal performances from the Arrested Development-infused cast, and has a surprisingly well formed narrative.

While director Chris McKay keeps proceedings light, often joyously silly, it is never campy like the awful Joel Schumacher entries that very nearly killed the character's cinematic adventures. Indeed, McKay accomplishes a feat that only Tim Burton before him managed - to make Bruce Wayne interesting. However, unlike Burton (who was more interested in the Dark Knight's rogue's gallery of villains), Batman is very much the focus here. His attempts to bond with Dick Grayson/Robin are both hilarious and touching.

It doesn't have the depths of the original Lord/Miller Lego Movie, and doesn't have the 'wow this Lego movie thing is really good!' surprise factor. This time there is expectation, which it meets based on the volume of gags alone.

Warner Bros/DC has been struggling to find a unique hook to differentiate its cinematic universe from Marvel's. Snyder eschewed the winning action-comedy formula of The Avengers et al., but by trying so hard to make his Batman vs Superman DEEP and IMPORTANT, it unfortunately tipped over into self-parody. Very, very boring parody.

Maybe the answer is simpler than they realise: dump the Batfleck and embrace Bluth Wayne.