I'm so glad Logan isn't an X-Men movie, because I can't stand them

There are 4 things about the X-men franchise I just can't get past:

  1. For every cool mutant (like Wolverine or Mystique) there are dozens of frankly ridiculous (and ridiculously garbed) others: butterfly-girl, toad-boy, weather-woman, angel-winged-bloke. Give me a break.
  2. Too many superpeople. My favourite superhero stories are those in which the superperson mostly interacts with us normals. When they stand alone, as in Christopher Reeve's Superman: The Movie, the film has the chance to explore how he or she relates to the rest of humanity.
  3. The only good team-up movie I can think of is The Avengers - and I'm convinced this is down to the fun of seeing the established characters bounce off each other. Characters, not powers.
  4. The science. The X-men films get a lot of mileage out of them being 'mutants'; the 'next step in human evolution'. Sorry, but it's bollocks, and it drives me crazy. A real genetic mutation causes a cell to construct proteins differently/erroneously - it doesn't allow a person to control the weather. The explanation for Thor is that he's 'a magical interdimensional Norse god being... or something'. Fine, a bit of hand-waving and let's get on with it. 

As for Logan, it's light on cgi, very few 'mutants', and as grounded as one could hope for. It's about as far from an X-Men film as you could get, thankfully.