Batgirl - the Marvel slayer?

The news that Joss Whedon will helm a forthcoming DC universe Batgirl film at first seemed to come out of an alternate universe of its own.

Joss is a Marvel guy, right? He made those two Avengers movies. There was a time when it seemed like he was destined to be the *saviour* of the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, Captain America and the rest.

And so, it came to pass: The Avengers (2012) was a triumph that was most definitely Whedon-verse first, Marvel second. However, the follow-up, 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron was too heavy for even Joss's mighty shoulders to bear. Indeed, the filmmaker seemed physically and mentally drained by the effort.

It would surely be his last superhero film.

So why, after a moment's consideration, does Batgirl now make complete sense as his next project?

Well, Joss's had a break, recharged his Arc Reactor, and returns to the genre with the knowledge and experience to bend it to his will. Another comic-book universe needs saving.

This time though, he doesn't have to wrestle the biggest beast of all - a huge ensemble movie - and expectations are also reversed. It's not "Can he possibly pull it off and not ruin the franchise?", instead it's "Watch him inject some life into this mess".

Unlike the Avengers - crown jewels of the MCU - Batgirl doesn't come with the same pressures, and yet is a character with much more potential than Black Widow - the buffy-esque Avenger Joss seemed most interested in.

Most importantly, he essentially gets the chance to have another go at that first, failed, Buffy movie.