The La La Land backlash, or 'How a white guy saved jazz and the Oscars humiliation serves them right'

Admitting to liking La La Land gets you dirty looks in some quarters these days. 'Oh, you're one of those kinds of people'. Mental calculations are done, Venn circles seem to draw you closer to Trump supporters, Fox News watchers and Moonlight-deniers.

So, I went back for a second look at Mr Chazelle's attempt at bottling pure joy - maybe I missed something the first time. I'm glad I did because my opinion of it shifted quite a bit.

I realised I don't like La La Land, I absolutely love it. Fallen for it big time. It has shimmied its way into my ever-fluid personal list of 'The Best Films Ever Made'. It really is that good. It's delirious, it's mesmerising, it is flamboyantly creative. It's better than Singing In The Rain.

Can it be all these things and still rightly come second to Moonlight?


It is possible for two all-time greats to come out at the same time, and the appropriate response is to love them both.

Now please, just stop it.